How can we optimise further/receive exposure with Skimlinks?

Skimlinks helps publisher gain access to over 20,000 merchants through an easy to install unique Javascript code.

By joining our program on an affiliate network, over 50,000 publishers can write about your brand and help generate sales for you in return for a commission amount/percentage.

We only offer increased exposure/allow access to our publishers who feature in our Preferred Partner program. 

However there are a few methods on promoting your program to our publishers - 

1) Upload offers into your affiliate network, this will be synced into our 'Offers' section in our publisher hub and will be available to view by all Skimlinks publishers (Awin/Shareasale/CJ/Rakuten Linkshare only).

2) Increase your program commission rate; our publishers will earn increased revenue if you offer a higher commission rate, this will incentivize Skimlinks Publishers to promote your brands even more. Your new commission rate will also appear in our Publisher Hub as an increased rate.

3) If your program is not already open to all publishers, we strongly recommend this. By allowing all types of sites to write about you, there is a higher number of publishers that can generate sales for your brand.

Hopefully you can continue to generate sales and pass the threshold for our Preferred Partner Program

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