Using the Device report

The ‘by device’ report breaks your performance data down by device type, within the date range selected in the top filter.

After choosing which sites you want, as well as the date range in the drop down selectors, the results will be displayed. Note: the device report data is powered by our new data platform, and the data goes back to 1st December 2016.


Report data/columns

The report rows are device types, initially sorted by revenue descending. Note: our device data is based off what we capture from users and is sometimes not available - the performance data is grouped into the “Unknown” row. The “Bot” row refers to non-human scripts/programs that access your site and clicks on your links


Data for revenue, sales and order value is imported based on affiliate reporting processes and leads to different reporting time windows (most are 24-72 hours). Detailed explanation of each data column and behaviours of the data here


Sorting the results

You can sort the results by any column by clicking that column, which will sort the data (within the date range you have specified in the top drop down selector). Click to toggle between ascending and descending sort.


Filtering the results

You can filter your report results in the following ways

  • Country - the default view is to include all countries. Choose a country to filter for data from that particular country only. Note: our country data is based off the IP address of the user who made the impression, click, sale and the accuracy is reliant on our partner who supplies the data. You can switch to the “By country” tab to see how much data is labelled as “Unknown”.
  • Affiliated/unaffiliated - the default view is to include affiliated clicks only. Click the toggle to switch to unaffiliated clicks, which will display unaffiliated clicks for the date range and date grouping you have specified. All conversion/revenue columns will be turned off for unaffiliated filter.


Downloading the data

You can click the download icon at the far right side above the blue report header, and a new tab will open, and a CSV file will be generated/downloaded of the current report.


Coming soon

  • Drill-down capability to drill down from a specific row
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