Using the Link report

The ‘By Link’ report breaks down your performance data by links within the date range selected in the top filter.

After choosing which sites you want, as well as the date range in the drop down selectors, the results will be displayed.

Note: Link data is available from 26th May 2017.

Report data/columns

The report rows are unique links, sorted by revenue descending. For each row, we will show you the following stats i.e. clicks, sales etc.

Sorting the results

You can sort the results by any column by clicking a column header, which will sort the data (within the date range you have specified in the top drop down selector). Click to toggle between ascending and descending sort.

Search for a link

Above the link column is a search box. Start typing or simply paste a link/domain to filter down the links listed in the table below.


Drilldowns allow you to click on a specific row in a report and gives you the ability to better filter your data with the following options:

  • By Date
  • By Page
  • By Site

Downloading the data

You can click the download icon at the far right side above the blue report header and a new tab will open. A CSV file will be generated/downloaded using the data currently in the report.

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