What are the benefits of the program? Can you tell me in more depth please? What does it look like?

You will be given increased exposure in our Publisher Hub, so when a Publisher logs in and browses the Merchant section, your program will be highlighted as a Preferred Partner above all other Merchants in your category or categories, like this:


We will also publish your offers in our blog, The Scoop (found here: http://scoop.skimlinks.com).  A newsletter with Scoop details is sent to our Publishers on a regular basis.


We can also create a co-branded signup form (like this - https://skimlinks.com/signup/shopbop) that you can use to get more Publishers on your program who perhaps don't understand/don't have time for the affiliate linking process and are better suited to be on your program via Skimlinks.

Finally, a selection of our Preferred Partners will be featured in our Skimlinks Newsletters.  These range from themed (i.e. Fashion) to topical (i.e. Holiday Offers) and are sent out every month in Q4, and every other month otherwise.  Our featured Merchants have seen large increases in Traffic, Sales and Revenue.

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