Reporting API (& SubID Tracking)

Reporting API with subID tracking now available... what can it do for me?

The Reporting API gives you additional insight into your commissions data, further information than is available in your reporting interface.  
It also allows you to do subID tracking, giving you the option to segment the traffic you send Skimlinks with your own variable for in depth analysis. 
So, if you want to know more about your commission data and be able to see which segments of your traffic make you the most money this is the API for you.

What information does it provide?

The commission data available via this API is very detailed and includes:

Commission Value
Order Value
Merchant ID
'xcust' (the custom variable passed by you)*
Referring URL*
User agent*
Commission Type (Lead or Sale)
…and more!

* = not with Amazo

What is SubID tracking?

SubID tracking is the process used to segment the commission data you receive from us. It allows you to identify where your commissions originated from, such as the specific page, user or section of pages and users on your site, perfect for detailed analysis. Please be aware this feature is not available on Amazon.

What is 'xcust'?

'xcust' is simply a variable passed to Skimlinks via your site that we report back to your with your commission data, allowing you to segment.

So, what does this actually look like in real life?

There are two main ways to append 'xcust' to the each click you send Skimlinks.
1. If you are a Skimlinks JavaScript user:
  • First modify your Skimlink JS to include the variable async=”true”:

*<scripttype=text/javascript src="" async="true"></script>*

  • Then add a JavaScript variable to the page detailing the value that you want to be assigned to 'xcust':

<script type=text/javascript>var skimlinks_tracking = "102116abc100004496";</script>

The defined value will then get sent a long with the rest of the Skimlinks click data.

N.B. 'xcust' has a maximum size of 50 characters, and must only contain alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9). No symbols (/,?,£,!)

2. If you are Skimlinks Link API User:
  • Create your links using the normal Skimlinks format, including an extra parameter ‘Xcust’:


Remember, the xcust parameter has a maximum size of 50 characters, and must only contain alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9). No symbols (/,?,£,!).
Retrieving 'xcust', using the Reporting API. 
For detail instructions on this please refer to our documentation on the Reporting API -
The commission data you retrieve from the API will then contain the additional xcust data. 
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