How much will I earn?

There are a huge number of factors influencing the potential to earn revenue from links on your site, including the volume of users and their profile, the type of content, the types of links, seasonality and the amount of other advertising you have on your site.

Years of experience and lots of happy customers tell us that Skimlinks has a real impact on publishers’ businesses - but the best way to find out how much you can earn with us is to try us out! 

We’re monetizing the opportunities in your text you were missing before – install Skimlinks (with no commitments) and find out exactly what it was you were missing out on!


Also due of our scale we can negotiate the very best commissions from our 18,000+ merchants, which means you can earn up to 110% of what you would have earned if you managed your affiliate links yourself. And don’t forget about all that precious time you’ll save too! Skimlinks retains 25% of the commission payment from the merchant, and the rest we pay to you, but we’re confident the higher commission rates and time-savings will mean that using Skimlinks is the best choice over traditional affiliate marketing.


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