How much does Skimlinks charge?

It’s 100% free to join:

There’s no up-front cost to sign up, install and use our service. In other words, you pay zero/zilch/nada/squat to join - so you can try it out without any risk or commitment.

Pricing model:

Skimlinks works on a revenue share model with our customers which allows any kind of publisher, big or small, to give it a go.

For Skimlinks and the tools, the split is 75/25 - which means you get paid 75% of the commissions earned. For example if a merchant is offering 10% commission and you generate a sale worth £100.00, you will receive £7.50 and Skimlinks will keep £2.50.

In your publisher hub, you will see the amount of £7.50 earned, our share is deducted before it reaches your account.

For SkimWords, we pay you a variable amount per click which is dependent on a number of factors, including how often clicks results in sales, the value of each sale and the cost-per-click rate negotiated with each merchant. We leverage our scale to negotiate higher commission rates with retailers to make sure you always get the best rate possible.


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