How do I know if my site is suitable for Skimlinks before I sign up?

Skimlinks works with thousands of publishers from blogs to content networks to national newspaper sites. We want to make sure Skimlinks will work well for your site, so before you sign up, check out the following questions:

  • Is your site live?
    Skimlinks can only assess and approve sites that are up and working.
  • Is your site a content site, blog, forum or web app?
    Skimlinks can work almost anywhere there’s content online.
  • Does your site have unique, quality content?
    We’re looking for content that adds value!
  • Does your site have outbound links to retailers, products or services?
    Lots of content focused around products, retailers and services is great, content with outbound links and specific product references is even better!
  • Does your site have large amounts of traffic or a very engaged and active audience?
    The more traffic, the bigger the opportunity to earn - but smaller, engaged and active audiences can be just as lucrative.
  • Do large portions of your audience reside in North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe or Australia?
    Skimlinks is currently optimized to monetize traffic from these locations.

If the answer to all these questions is 'yes', then please sign up now!

If you're still unsure if your site is suitable for Skimlinks, email us at and we’ll see if we can help you out.

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