Why was I denied?

Sometimes, after a site goes through the publisher approval process, our team will decide it’s not right for our service.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal – here are a couple of reasons a site may be denied:

  • Site not live! - We like to see sites that are live with a consistent number of hits. 
  • Lack of content (we can't determine a site's suitability if there isn't enough for us to review!)
  • Sensitive content (certain types of ‘adult’ content, copyrighted / non-original content)
  • Content that is likely unsuitable for affiliate marketing (like political, or religious content) or has minimal opportunities for automated affiliate marketing (e.g. not focused on products and services available to buy online)
  • Websites with audiences in locations that are outside our coverage
  • URLs that include certain brand and/or product names
  • Your domain is a merchant retailer that sells products directly from your website.
  • Value - How much value a site brings to it's readers and the merchants in our network
  • Unique - Does your website contain original content? 
  • Design - We're always on the lookout for high quality designed sites! 

If you have been denied, and you feel like our approvals team may have misjudged your site, feel free to re-apply at any time here. We’re always happy to take another look for you or provide further reasoning around our decision.

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