How to check the Skimlinks code is installed properly

The best way to test whether your Skimlinks installation is working on your site is to create a link to anywhere on your site. (If you have installed skimlinks only on certain pages, add this link to one of those pages.) Click on the link. If you arrive on the Success page, both SkimLinks and SkimWords are running on your site. 

If you arrive on the Error page, please check that you have placed the Skimlinks code as close above the closing <\body> tag as possible. Also make sure you have any ad blockers turned off, have your browser set to accept cookies, and have cleared your cookies/cache so that you are loading a fresh version of your site.

If you are still experiencing issues please make sure you have followed any specific instructions given in our dedicated Installation Guides for your particular platform. You can run a manual check on your browser to see if Skimlinks has been installed correctly.

Please be advised that having more than 1 line of the Skimlinks code installed causes the instillation to fail. For this reason, please make sure that only 1 instance of the code has been placed on your site, as per the instructions above. Having Ad Blocking technology (or any other link blocking add-ons) may also cause Skimlinks and the Test link to fail. 

If you are still unsure, please do get in touch, giving as much detail about your specific installation and site as possible and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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