How to manually check the Skimlinks code is installed properly

If you're unable to confirm that Skimlinks is working on your site using the test link, then you can follow the instructions below to conduct a manual analysis. (example below is running on Google Chrome, Mac. Please see relevant browser settings to re-produce the results).


Method 1 - Copy Link Address

Place a link to a merchant on your site, right click the link, "Copy Link Address", paste the copied link into your browser search bar. If the link shows as (followed by a long referral link) this means that Skimlinks is now operational and your links are being tracked & affiliated. If the link doesn't show go.redirectingat, this means there may be a problem with the installation. Please see the relevant installation guide. As a side note, It's worth mentioning that installing the Skimlinks Code more than once can cause Skimlinks to fail, thus causing the go.redirectingat conversion to become ineffective.  



Method 2 - Inspect Element

For the second method of manual testing, right click on a merchant link, click "Inspect Element". This will then bring up a box showing the URL that has been placed. If part of the URL shows as "data-skimlinks" (or something similar; data-skimwords, data-skim) then this shows that Skimlinks is currently operational and your links are being tracked & affiliated.



If you are still unsure, please do get in touch, giving as much detail about your specific installation and site as possible and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Please be advised that having more than 1 line of the Skimlinks code installed causes the instillation to fail. For this reason, please make sure that only 1 instance of the code has been placed on your site. Having Ad Blocking technology (or any other link blocking add-ons) may also cause Skimlinks and the Test link to fail. 

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