What types of users do you support and what will they see?

There are several user types available in your Skimlinks account. The account owner or administrator can invite other users, manage their permissions and control what other users see and do. Here’s a simple overview of the different user types and their access levels.


Full access to all areas of the Publisher Hub, including account and payments.

Performance & Tools user

Access to all parts of the Publisher Hub except account and payments.

Performance user

Access to the performance section in the Publisher Hub, including all reports.

Tools user

Access to all tools in the Publisher Hub, including add-ons, tools, APIs & merchants. No access to performance, account or payments. Recommended for your editorial team for easy access to the Skimlinks Editor tool.


Access to Installation & Settings. Recommended for your technical team if you would like them to install & setup Skimlinks.

Finance user

Access to the payments section in the Publisher Hub. This allows the user to see invoices, payment details, and upcoming payments.

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