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The Skimlinks Publisher Hub is your central dashboard for all the relevant information and details about your account. Access the Hub to customize your settings, view our comprehensive reporting suite, gain insight into content performance and take advantage of all Skimlinks tools to help you boost your revenue.

Get started by logging into the Skimlinks Hub with your user credentials at 


The 'Snapshot' page provides a quick view of overall performance for all of your domains in the Last 30 Days; including revenue, clicks, top pages, merchants and sites. You can break this data down by domain, so you can see how each different domain is performing.



The Performance tab allows you to delve deeper into the analytics and insights that can help shape and optimize your content strategy. Find out more about revenue, clicks and sales broken down by date, merchant, site and unaffiliated clicks.

Clicking the left tab marked 'Account Overview' will reveal a drop down list of the domains currently in your Skimlinks account. Selecting a domain will load the performance reports for that particular site. If you’d like to look at aggregate data across all of your domains, select ‘Account overview’ from the drop down.


The Publisher Hub also provides key analytics and insights available along the left sidebar. These include:


» Daily Reports - performance by day

» Merchant Reports - merchants your users are buying from

» Unaffiliated Clicks - sites which can’t be monetized - e.g. Facebook - or a merchants that sit outside of our network


» Products - products your users are buying

» Pages Report - pages driving the most revenue. You will also be able to find the pages that generate lots of commissions but don’t have much traffic as well as the ones that have significant traffic but don’t generate as many commissions as they could.


Customize the date range by selecting the center tab. The default is 'Last 30 days' but other options include:

» This Month

» Last Month

» This Year

» All Time

» Custom


Note: It takes 24 hours for clicks to show in the Hub and can take up to a week for commissions to show. It is possible for commissions to be cancelled by the network or retailer at any point, due to fraud, returning of the good or other errors in the transaction. Please give it a week or so for clicks and commissions to populate in the publisher interface before contacting support.



Looking to see if a particular merchant is on the Skimlinks network or how much they pay for the sales you drive? Head to the Merchants tab. The Merchants section allows you to to explore, discover and find all the merchants that Skimlinks works with, as well as the commissions they pay.

Use the Merchants search feature to look up merchants by name, category or country. If the merchant is included in our network, any links in your content to that merchant will earn commission when a user makes a purchase. 

If you have a specific merchant in mind, just enter it in the search box

Want to narrow results? Filter search results by category and country.

Preferred Partners

We also use our scale to negotiate the best commission rates for our publishers, so you know you're getting a good deal through Skimlinks. A 'Preferred Partner' has agreed to at least a 34% commission increase compared to their standard network rate; which means you'll earn more through Skimlinks than their direct affiliate programs.

See all our Preferred Partners by simply selecting the trophy icon from the Merchants Search section.



The Toolbox houses all the additional tools, APIs and Add-ons available to help you earn more.




Skimlinks Editor is a browser extension tool that helps content creators and editors monetize more content at the point of creation. You can use it to find out more about merchants in the Skimlinks network, shorten URLs and share monetizable links on non-Skimlinks enabled sites like Twitter or Facebook and to exert editorial control over how Skimlinks products run on your site.

Showcases allow you to display units that are automatically populated with products mentioned in your content.


Search Boxes allow your users to search for products from two of the world's most popular retailers directly from your site and then turns an ordinary search into an affiliate-enabled one so you make money every time a purchase is made.




Amazon Overwrite will automatically replace all the previously affiliated Amazon links in your content with your Skimlinks Amazon ID, sending them through SkimLinks to take advantage of our aggregated reporting and payments, saving you the time and effort of changing all the links yourself.

URL Shortener The Skimlinks URL Shortener allows you to create a short affiliate link which can be used anywhere, including Twitter, Facebook or even in an email. Just like the links on your site, you will be paid whenever someone clicks and makes a purchase.

Note: You can also create and share Skimlinks shortened URLs through Skimlinks Editor. Find out more about Skimlinks Editor here.


Link Generator allows you to affiliate links, which can then be used directly in your web & mobile apps, websites, social networks, URL shorteners and emails. Note: You can affiliate links automatically with our Link API


Referral Program

Promote Skimlinks and we will give you a whopping 35% of what we earn for a year for each publisher you refer. No questions asked. You can promote Skimlinks in any fashion you'd like, via disclosure badges, text, or custom display ads we've created just for you. All you need to ensure is that the person you are referring clicks on your affiliate link before coming to the Skimlinks sign up page.



Link API - by using our JavaScript, together with our plugins for WordPress and vBulletin, we provide you with a robust way to use it in most places. However, there can be situations when you need a solution tailored to you and that’s why we have our Link API. The Link-API lets you use Skimlinks in places you wouldn’t normally be able to; such as in Adobe Flash Applications, mobile apps, iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

URL Shortener API - create short affiliate links that you can take anywhere. Post the links on Twitter, Facebook, include them in email newsletters, print or even throw them up on a billboard. Use the URL Shortener API to create links automatically in seconds, and get paid if someone clicks on the links and makes a purchase.


Merchant API - is the main interface for publishers wishing to know statistics about the merchants on our networks. The Merchant API returns all merchants that Skimlinks works with. Information exposed includes commission rate, conversion rate and domains associated with the merchant. The API can also be used to conduct searches for merchants. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Reporting API - gives you the benefit of additional insight into your commission data, beyond the Hub reporting interface. This API provides you with a snapshot of every commission you receive through Skimlinks from every merchant and network. It also allows you to do subID tracking, which is the process used to segment the commission data you receive from us. It allows you to identify where your commissions originated from, such as the specific page, user or section of pages and users on your site; perfect for in-depth analysis.


This was a short overview of what the Skimlinks Hub can do for you. While we only touched upon some bits of it, Skimlinks has a vast number of solutions and tools tailored to your specific needs and this Hub Guide offers a glimpse into those opportunities.


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