Why did my sale not track?

Why did my sale not track?

There are a number of reasons why a sale might not be recorded:

  • As sales are accredited with the dropping of a cookie, perhaps your user is using an adblocking software that blocks cookies on their browser.  

  • Your site/link may not have been the last referrer to the merchant site

  • Your site might not be approved for use on the Merchant Program

  • The user may have cleared their cookies before purchase.

  • The user might come from a country not supported by the Merchant Program (for country specific programs)

Sales can take from 5 - 7 days to show up in your reporting in extreme cases up to 2 weeks, so it just may not be displayed yet. If you would like us to investigate please provide us with the following details (by emailing into support@skimlinks.com) and we will try and track your sale for you. The more details you add the easier it would be for us to investigate.



Merchant/Retailer Name:

Page URL where merchant link was clicked*:

Merchant link*:

Date & Time of Click*:

IP address where click came from:

Browser used (including Operating System):

Is your browser set to accept cookies?:

Were other webpages visited between the click and transaction? (e.g. review site/coupon site)


Date  & Time of Transaction*:

Product Name:

Order Number*:


Were any voucher codes used in the transaction?

Was the transaction related to any other offer or promotion?

Please list or screen shot all add ons you have installed in your browser?
*mandatory field


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