Excluding Merchant Links & Domains

Skimlinks respects all pre-existing affiliate links on a page, and we do not overwrite any links that already have affiliate tracking.

Our script will only re-write unadulterated merchant links without affiliate tags where an affiliate link is available.

If you would like to disable SkimLinks from picking up a plain merchant link (for example, if you have a sponsored post or would not like us to affiliate your merchant link for any other reason) you have a couple of options:


1. The simplest option is to disguise the URL via a URL Shortener (not ours) like bit.ly. The Skimlinks javascript will not recognize a bit.ly URL as a merchant domain so we will not affiliate it.


2. You can code the exception yourself. Please refer here for more information on this.


3.  We can allow you to blacklist yourself from certain merchant programs. This will remove your account from a particular merchant program. The caveat is that you will not be able to use the merchant program anywhere on your site. If this is something you'd like, please email us at support@skimlinks.com to request access.


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