What is the Skimlinks Referral Program?

Promote Skimlinks and we will give you a whopping 35% of what we earn for a year for each publisher you refer.

You can promote Skimlinks in any fashion you'd like, via disclosure badges, text, and custom Banner ads that we've created just for you. All you need to ensure if that the person you are referring to clicks on your affiliate link before coming to the Skimlinks signup page.

To help you get started, we've created a Sample Review for you to use, since reviews are a great way to explain Skimlinks. You can find the sample review and a whole lot more in the Knowledge Base under "Skimlinks Referral Program". Have questions? Check out our FAQs ! If there is anything else that we can create to help you drive more referrals, please email marketing@skimlinks.com right away!


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