How do I install Skimlinks?

Installation of the Skimlinks code is simple. Once logged into the Skimlinks interface, click on the Setup tab. Here you will see the customized code unique to your site. If you have more than one site registered with us, use the dropdown to select the correct domain. The code will be changed accordingly. 

Now, simply cut and paste this code into your site's template, just before the closing </body> tag which is usually found in the footer section of your code. It's important to place the code beneath your site's content (i.e. not in the header) as Skimlinks will only operate on links it finds above it within the source code. 

Save your edited template for the live site and you're all done! The current installation record is 40 seconds. Think you can beat it? If you did, tweet us at let us know at @skimlinks

Just in case you need a bit of help installing, we have dedicated Installation Guides for various platforms including How WordPressvBulletinBlogger,TypepadTumblr and Glam. You can find them on the Installation page

Note: Please allow 24 hours for clicks to appear in your reports, as this data is updated nightly.

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