Installing Skimlinks on Squarespace

The below instructions will show you how to install Skimlinks for Squarespace -

1) First login into the Skimlinks Publisher hub at and click on 'Setup' -> 'Install'

Select the website you created on Squarespace from the dropdown, and then 'Recommended setup'.

Copy your unique Skimlinks Javascript code.


2) Login to your Squarespace account, then click on 'Settings'



3) Click on 'Advanced' next 


4) Lastly click on 'Code Injection'


5) Paste your Skimlinks Javscript code into the bottom 'Footer' section.


6) You're all set up!

To test to see if Skimlinks is working, simply right-click a link to a merchant e.g '' and in the bottom left of your web browser '' should display with your unique Skimlinks publisher ID.

If you require additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team -

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